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Lot 3029
Large Garnet var. Demantoid
17 May 2022, 10:00 PDT
Los Angeles

US$15,000 - US$20,000

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Large Garnet var. Demantoid

Ural Mountains, Russia
Due to its high refractive index and equally high dispersion, the chromium bearing variety of andradite garnet (named after the Brazilian mineralogist J.G. de Andrada de Silva), was called "diamante", the Flemish word for diamond, hence the derivation of its present name demantoid. Found only as small crystals in the Ural Mountains of Russia, the premier world locality, gems over a carat in size are uncommon. Present stone has a nice circular-cut with a yellowish green hue and excellent luster. Suitable for mounting as a ring or pendant. Weighing approximately 5.04 carats and measuring 10.08 x 6.83mm

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