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Gems and Minerals of Old Burma / Burmite Amber with Lizard Skin and Foot

Lot 2002
Burmite Amber with Lizard Skin and Foot
10 – 20 May 2022, 12:00 PDT
Online, Los Angeles

Sold for US$318.75 inc. premium

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Burmite Amber with Lizard Skin and Foot

Indeterminate species
Hukawng Valley, Northern Kachin State, Burma

The lizard is one of the most rare and desirable of creatures in amber. Because of their relatively large size, lizards were not as easily trapped in prehistoric tree sap as were insects. In the present 100-million-year-old honey-colored amber nugget, most of the skin of a lizard is seen, along with a well-preserved foot exhibiting four toes. Offered in 8" x 6" Riker Mount, with a closeup photo of the lizard skin and foot. Lizard skin measuring approximately 19mm; Amber nugget measuring 22 x 12mm

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