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Gems and Minerals of Old Burma / Near-colorless Forsterite

Lot 2021
Near-colorless Forsterite
10 – 20 May 2022, 12:00 PDT
Online, Los Angeles

US$1,000 - US$1,200

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Near-colorless Forsterite

Known in ancient times and erroneously described by Pliny as smaragdus or beryllos--which were the earliest names given to this olivine group species which as later called chrysolite. In 1789 chrysolite was renamed, olivine, due to the olive green color in which this mineral is frequently found. Finally, it was named forsterite in 1824 in honor of Adolarius Jacob Forster, a German mineral collector and dealer, who resided in England and Russia. Peridot is the green gem variety of the olivine mineral forsterite: it is very rarely seen in near-colorless form. The present stone is rare for its absence of color. It has been faceted in a marquise-shape to best reveal its above average clarity. Weighing approximately 1.16 carats and measuring 11.24 x 5.38 x 3.48mm

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