SWORD OF HONOUR - JOHN CHARD V.C. R.E. The cased silver-mounted Sword of Honour, presented to John Chard V.C., R.E., by the inhabitants of the Town of Plymouth, presented 18 November, 1879

RORKE'S DRIFT - JOHN CHARD'S MANUSCRIPT ACCOUNT "Rorke's Drift. 22-23 Jany. 1879", autograph draft manuscript for the account of Rorke's Drift written and presented by John Chard V.C. to Queen Victoria, WITH EXTENSIVE ANNOTATIONS, ADDITIONS AND CORRECTIONS, [c.1879-1880]; together with a manuscript sketch by Chard of Rorke's Drift, on tracing paper, black ink with foliage and trees in green, major sites (numbered 1-15) identified in red ink, with key beneath image, frayed with short tears at edges, 210 x 320mm., [c.1879-1880] (2)

CHURCHILL (WINSTON) A pair of spectacles made for Winston Churchill by C.W. Dixey and Son Ltd.

WORLD AND CONTINENTS ORTELIUS (ABRAHAM) Typus orbis terrarum... 1587; Americae sive novi orbis, nova descriptio; Asiae nova descriptio; Africae tabula nova; Europae, [Antwerp, 1587] (5)

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