The Bonhams Ethnographic Art auctions cover the widest scope of indigenous created by Native Americans, Africans, Oceanic islanders and Pre-Columbians. Unique and traditional works are offered from sub-Saharan Africa, Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Indonesia and Australia created in the early 20th century or earlier as well as works from Central and South America created prior to European contact in the 16th century. Pieces of Native American tribal art from throughout the United States and including Alaskan Eskimo art and artifacts are also included in our auctions.

Made by the artists for religious, ceremonial or secular use within their culture, objects in the auctions include figurative sculpture, masks, reliquaries, shrines, architectural ornaments, clubs, shields, vessels, stools, neck rests, instruments, daily utilitarian objects, jewelry, weavings, baskets, beadwork and pottery.

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