Record-breaking Roerich at Bonhams: Most valuable picture ever sold in Russian auction

The exponential growth of the market for Russian Art is in direct proportion to the ever-increasing wealth of Russian buyers. The Russian Department at Bonhams in London caters to this market with two sales a year comprising the finest Russian paintings and works of art. The biannual sales feature works by major Russian 19th and 20th century masters and outstanding pieces of Fabergé, jewellery, silver, Imperial porcelain, bronzes and icons.

A force on the international market for Russian Art, Bonhams recently established a world-record for the sale of two long-lost masterpieces by Vasilii Dmitrievich Polenov (1844-1927) selling "He that is without sin" for £4,073,250 and "He that is guilty of death" for £2,841,250. Fabergé continues to be the ultimate acquisition and this is reflected in the high prices which the exquisite pieces the Fabergé workshop command at auction.

With a team of specialists in London, New York and Moscow, the Russian Department at Bonhams offers exceptional Russian art from around the world to an international market.


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