Bonhams Presents Made in Japan
A New Online-Only Sale Celebrating Centuries of Japanese Creativity and Aesthetics

Bonhams presents 'Made in Japan', a new cross-category online-only sale celebrating centuries of Japanese creativity and aesthetics, with works from pre-historic times to the present day. Live on from 20 through 27 August, the sale comprises around 50 works encompassing Japanese ceramics, glassworks, modern and contemporary art, architectural sketches as well as early editions of Japanese whisky, all from the favourite and finest artists and craftsmen in their own fields. 'Made in Japan' is curated across categories, juxtaposing eras, media, techniques and philosophies, to appeal to both new collectors and connoisseurs into the charismatic world of Japanese art. All lots will be available on the sale page from the first day of the sale (20 August).

Highlights of the sale include:

Kyohei Fujita (1921–2004)
A Hand Blown Decorative Box 'Flower Blizzard' (Tebuki Kazaribako 'Hanafubuki)
Colored glass, gold and platinum foils
10 x 10 x 10 cm
Estimate: HK$ 50,000 – 80,000

Top glasswork artist of Japan, Kyohei Fujita is the first ever artist in his field to receive Japan's highly–esteemed Order of Culture. The 'Kazari Bako', meaning ornamental boxes, are made of coloured glass hand blown into the form of traditional Japanese boxes. With gold and platinum foils, as well as the chemical hydrogen fluoride to create a frosted surface, Fujita depicts the enchanting scene of 'Hanafubuki' – the flower blizzard – a quintessentially Japanese scene.

Kichizaemon XV – Raku Jikinyu (b. 1949)
An Earthenware 'Ganshou' Tea Bowl
Black Raku Ware, By 15th Generation Raku Master Jikinyu
9.5 x 12 x 12 cm
Estimate: HK$280,000 – 380,000

The Raku ware was founded by Chōjirō Tanaka during the Momoyama period in the mid-16th century. Recent studies proved that it shares technical roots in the colourful sancai ware from the Ming Dynasty China. Nonetheless, Raku wares are characterised by the exclusive use of monochrome black or red glazes, reflecting the ideals of wabi aesthetics advocated by the legendary Japanese tea master Sen no Rikyū, who made a great impact on the artist Chōjirō himself. This current work on offer is crafted by the 15th generation of the Raku master with the application of the blue glaze – a rare colour to be found among Raku tea bowls.

Sadaharu Horio (1939–2018)
Acrylic on paper
108 x 77 cm
Estimate: HK$10,000–15,000

In 1966, Sadaharu Horio became a member of the historic 'Gutai Art Association' and, for decades since, expanded on the members' avant-garde spirit with his oeuvre of experimental works. To Horio, paintings are witnesses to the performative process of his creation, such as the present work Untitled, in which he captures the flow of air and rhythm onto a tangible medium.

Shinobu Kawase (b. 1950)
Celadon Flower Vase
Early 21st century
Glazed porcelain
17 x 11.5 cm
Estimate: HK$13,000–18,000

Shinobu Kawase is one of the most representative ceramic artists of Japan, who is best remembered for his smooth and sublime celadon wares in green, pale blue or grayish-green glaze. Kawase draws much of his inspiration from Chinese Southern Song Dynasty celadons, and achieves the mesmerising, if not meditative, effect by adding a small portion of iron to the glaze and firing the vessels in a reducing atmosphere.

Tadao Ando (b. 1941)
Architectural Sketches (A Set of 7)
Estimate: HK$10,000–15,000

Nakanoshima Children's Book Forest
Pastel, color marker on paper
23.6 x 17.2 cm (left)

Church of The Light
Color pastel, and color marker on paper
18.8 x 13.3 cm (Right)

Self-taught Tadao Ando is one of the world's leading architects and among the finest exponents of the minimalist approach in contemporary architecture. This lot on offer is a set of seven precious sketches from some of his most popular projects, including the place of worship 'Church of the Light', building complex 'Awaji Yumebutai', and the culture hub 'Nakanoshima Children's Book Forest' in Osaka.

Hajime Sorayama (b. 1947)
T-Rex Cyborgs
Soft vinyl
20.3 x 63.5 x 12.7 cm
Estimate: HK$10,000–15,000

Known for his precisely detailed 'superrealism' and erotic portrayals of feminine robots, Sorayama is a renowned illustrator who blends the boundary of fine art, illustration and industrial design. T-Rex Cyborgs is an exemplary series illustrating his profound interest in exploring the intermix between human desires and future technology, transforming the 'impossible' into reality. Having collaborated with KAWS, Dior, SONY, and many other established brands across industries, Sorayama is one of the most sought-after artists in today's art market.

Apart from 'Made in Japan', Bonhams will present a series of sales related to Japanese craftsmanship and creativity throughout August.

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Fine and Rare Wine and Whisky
21 August
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Luxury Online (Online-Only)
21– 28 August
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