The Picture-Perfect Holiday
Vintage Posters Star In Bonhams Decorative Arts Sale In Knightsbridge This December

Though many of us have been unable to get away this year, the idea of a break from it all in an idealised climate has not lost its appeal. Full of nostalgia and elegance for a bygone time, a collection of wonderfully evocative vintage posters from the Golden Age of Travel will provide plenty of much needed escapism when they are offered at Bonhams sale of Decorative Arts and Contemporary Ceramics, including Vintage Posters on 8 December in Knightsbridge.

Ranging in estimate from £150 -15,000, highlights include:

L'hiver à Monte-Carlo by the French painter Jean-Gabriel Domergue – famous for his portraits of Parisian women, the poster conjures up the glamour of Monaco in winter in the 1930s. Estimate: £7,000 - 9,000.
• From the same decade, comes Winter in Switzerland by Erich Hérmes the German-born artist indelibly linked to winter pursuits and alpine views. Estimate: £8,000 - 10,000.
• Roger Broder's series of summer works, which include Antibes. Estimate: £6,000 - 8,000, and Nice. Estimate: £7,000 - 9,000.

Bonhams consultant, Richard Barclay, commented: "These wonderful posters are full of bright and vibrant optimism, and thought they are nostalgic reminders of a more leisured bygone era, their purpose at the time, of course, was strictly commercial. Like all good luxury advertising their appeal was partly aspirational, and as we wait and hope for the world to return to normal, perhaps it has become so again. They offer the perfect escape – just in time for Christmas."


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