Never-Before-Seen Original Animated Digital Artworks by Andy Warhol, Sold With Amiga 1000 Computer
Presented at Bonhams Post-war & Contemporary Art Sale on May 19th in New York

New York - Bonhams will be featuring original Andy Warhol digital images, eight of which are animated, on a refurbished Amiga 1000 computer for an estimate of $200,000-300,000 at Bonhams' Post-War & Contemporary Art sale on May 19.

The subjects are iconic Warhol images: Marilyn Monroe, the Campbell's soup can, a dollar sign, and the artist's own self-portraits, but they are crafted in a whole new context. With the Amiga, Warhol was able to create moving digital images, continuing his early interest in filmmaking by utilizing this cutting-edge technology. The unadulterated files, as made by Warhol's own hand, can only be viewed in their native environment, using the original Amiga hardware and software included in the sale. The execution of this work recontextualizes our understanding of Warhol's supreme gift for innovation and forces us to rewrite his relationship to art history. The new images on this disk—and the groundbreaking use of animation in eight of them—are significant and historically important additions to the known catalogue of Warhol's digital art.

The worlds of art and technology collided onstage at Lincoln Center in New York City on July 23, 1985 when 20th century icon Andy Warhol demonstrated the revolutionary Amiga 1000 computer at its launch event. Seven days earlier, Andy Warhol handed a disk to Mr. Don Greenbaum, then Treasurer of Commodore International Ltd., during a visit to Warhol's studio. At the Lincoln Center launch, Warhol stated: "I have always wanted to be Walt Disney, and now I know I can be an animator."

The disk was placed in a protective case and remained in Mr. Greenbaum's collection of early Commodore Amiga software until 2008 when he was able to recover the disk's contents by recreating the original software environment under which Warhol created the images. While three of the files on Mr. Greenbaum's disk are totally new images and six of the files are similar (but not identical) to those found in the Warhol Museum's archives as announced in 2014, the fact that they are animated makes them unique to any other previously discovered digital art produced by Andy Warhol.

The story of this disk, its contents, and its journey to auction will be featured prominently in an upcoming documentary.

29 April 2022


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