Often, professional fiduciaries may be unfamiliar with the intricacies of the art, antiques, collectibles and other personal property belonging to their clients. That is why Bonhams runs a dedicated global department to assist fiduciaries and other professional advisors with the services offered by Bonhams.

The Trusts & Estates group can facilitate appraisals and appraisals of your clients' personal property, assist with the sale and liquidation of personal property and offer advice when auction by Bonhams is not the best option.

Bonhams Trusts & Estates team can provide a complementary initial assessment of the property, either through photographs or by an in-person walk through, to determine the presence of valuables and an approximate cost for an appraisal.

Bonhams has extensive experience in providing fully illustrated fair market appraisals for estate planning, equitable distribution or estate tax filing, which are supported by specialists in 50 collecting categories. When used in connection with an Internal Revenue Service filing, Bonhams fair market appraise appraisals meet all IRS requirements.

If a formal appraisal is needed, Bonhams charges an hourly rate per each appraiser, which is competitive with industry standards, plus out of pocket expenses when applicable. In the event that the appraised property is consigned for auction with Bonhams within one year of the appraisal date, the appraisal fees will be rebated on a pro-rated basis.

When it's time to sell, our staff can provide auction estimates of the property suitable for sale at Bonhams, along with an individually tailored auction plan that may include special marketing initiatives and terms of auction.

For residual household goods not suitable for auction with Bonhams, we maintain relationships with many third party alternatives affording you and your clients' complete service for the liquidation of all personal property.

Following the auction, you will be notified of the results and any further information. Throughout the auction process, you can be updated with regular reports to track the progress of the consignment, and of course a member of the Trusts & Estates team will always be available to answer any questions.