Trusts and Estates (US)

Services for fiduciaries and other professional advisors in the U.S.


Appraisal and Valuation Services
- Complimentary initial assessment of the property by either an in-person walk-through (depending on location), virtual review by FaceTime, or review of prior appraisals or by photographs.
- Fully illustrated fair market value appraisal reports for equitable distribution, estate or financial planning, determining basis (including step-up in basis) as well as estate tax filing, compliant with IRS requirements.
- Transparent appraisal fees based on an hourly or daily rate per specialist, consistent with industry standards, plus agreed out-of-pocket costs if applicable; or a mutually agreed flat fee.

Marketing and Selling
- Complimentary auction estimates and proposal for auction sale of property.
- Private sales.
- Disposition of residual tangible personal property for broom swept clean result.

Collection Management
- Informal advice on authentication, restoration, insurance.
- Arranging for tagging, packing, transport and storage of property.


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